Solar Benefits

1. Decrease or Eliminate Your Electric Bill

You will begin saving money instantly the moment your panels are installed on your home.

Because you will be producing your own electricity, that is less (or zero) electricity that you need to purchase from your utility company.

Remember, a dollar saved is a dollar earned, any dollar you save by producing your own electricity is a dollar you can spend on anything else you want.

2. Increase Your Home Value

If you purchase your solar panels, your home value goes up the instant your panels are installed.

If you ever decide to move, the selling point to potential buyers is simple:  A couple extra dollars on a mortgage for buying a solar home does not compare to the (ever-increasing) electric bill they will have if they buy the next non-solar home.

Some people are even getting the entire investment of their solar system back to them, and they were able to realize all the savings while they lived in the home!  It doesn’t get better than that.

3. Huge Tax Credits Available For Solar Right Now

The misconception with solar energy is that it is expensive and only the “green” people are buying it.

While that may have been true in the past, with the way current electricity rates are going, it would be a financial crime to NOT invest in solar, especially since you can now get money back of the ENTIRE cost of the system back to you in the form of tax credits.

That means, the larger the system size you invest in, the more money you get back (or don’t have to pay if you pay your taxes at the end of the year).

Because of the tax credits, solar as affordable as it’s ever been, and cheaper than paying utilities for… well, forever.